Story Once upon a time the Earth was a gigantic ball of hot gas. Later came dinosaurs, the written word and truckstops. Sometime after that I was a kid staring at a bedroom wall in Los Angeles wondering, “Will I ever go anywhere?” Then one day, I did. And then I started to play the violin. For some reason this was embarrassing and so when I had to bring my fiddle to school I would hide it in the bushes. In high school I started a band called Fresh Corn. The first show was a flop, prompting the high school newspaper headline “Fresh Corn Proves Hard To Digest.” Now I live in San Francisco where I teach fiddle and make music. I've toured the US, Europe and Japan with Diego Umbrella, the Pine Box Boys, and as a solo performer. I wrote the film score for “Gumby Dharma”, a documentary about Gumby and his creator Art Clokey. Though my music has been placed in film, TV and radio, I mainly do it because it’s fun and because I want you to have a good time here. Thanks, Your pal, jason